The terrorist bombing of the headquarters of the Mutual Israelite-Argentinean Association (AMIA) on July 18, 1994 with its many victims and great material damages caused irreparable harm to society, as did the bombing of the Embassy of Israel that occurred on March 17, 1992.

So far, attemps to identify the perpetrators met with only partial success. Several individuals have been accused of having participated in this crime and brought to trial.

Argentina has engaged to continue this difficult investigation and, to ensure that the judge and the state attorneys who deal with this case should receive all the operational support they might require, a Special Investigating Unit has been created. This Unit is attached to the Department of Justice and Legislative Matters and will process all requests made to the different agencies of the National Executive Branch in matters related to this case and to its investigation.



The Unit processes all requests made by the legal authorities and by the Office of the Attorney General in relation to cases connected with the bombing.

It carries out its own investigation and reports its findings to these authorities.

Upon request of the intervening judges, it adopts the necessary measures to ensure protection for the witnesses who make depositions in the framework of its investigation as well as for the witnesses and accused in connection with the bombing,

It requests assistance, documents and reports from provincial institutions and government departments and from foreign security and intelligence agencies. All the departments and agencies that depend from the State are required to treat such requests as urgent and preferential and to provide full access to their documents, reports and files.

It coordinates with the authorities of the National Judiciary Branch the provision of technical, human and material resources that might be required by the legal authorities or the Office of the Attorney General.

The head of the Unit acts as the representative of the National Executive Branch to the Special Investigating Commission created by Senate Resolution Nš 1501 in 1995 as well as to national and foreign non-governmental agencies and organizations interested in following up this investigation.



The Executive Secretariat adopts the necessary measures to ensure that the Unit operates efficiently and to this end, coordinates the activities of:

The Antiterrorist Investigations Unit of the Federal Police Force;

The National Intelligence Agency’s Department on International Terrorism and Criminal Activities;

The Antiterrorist Division of the National Naval Command;

The National Gendarmerie’s Division for Coordinating Antiterrorist Activities;

The Intelligence Department of the Federal Penitenciary Service;

The Anticorruption Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.



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